TeamSpeak 5.0.0-beta75

A new beta was released :loudspeaker:

Due to a potential threat from CVE-2023-4863, the release of the beta was carried out earlier than planned.

=== Client Release 5.0.0-beta75 06.10.2023

* Added double click to rename own client.

* Added pressing F2 in server tree to rename currently selected channel, also works for own client.

* Added German translation, contribute at

* Added presence information to contacts in member lists of group chats.

* Added error sound for insufficient permissions.

* Added host message in event log.

* Added auto-saving of a bookmark password when prompted.

* Changed the sorting and look of settings categories.

* Changed placement of behavior settings into other categories.

* Changed location of "x results found" in search results.

* Improved error messages when dragging a file that is too large to attach via drag and drop.

* Improved pasting of HTML content into the chat input.

* Improved chat re-rendering performance.

* Improved pasting of codeblocks.

* Improved copy & paste of chat messages into the chat input.

* Fixed potential CVE-2023-4863 vulnerability.

* Fixed chat history not showing Emojis.

* Fixed activities reordering when disconnecting from a server.

* Fixed incorrect spacing between search input and first result as well as between the result location and result text.

* Fixed potential error when opening server side chats.

* Fixed erroneously putting emojis in input when accepting emoji suggestions.

* Fixed Leave Room being an option in channel chats.

* Fixed client closing in rare cases when connecting to a server.

* Fixed server connections established before chat is connected not being shared.

* Fixed client attempting the same upload multiple times in some circumstances.

* Fixed pinned message context menu not closing when it should.

* Fixed change nickname context menu not working in some situations.

* Fixed server share not working correctly when a connection is established before chat is connected.

* Fixed nickname already in use showing up more than intended.

* Fixed drag and drop highlighting not working correctly in some situations.

* Fixed missing tooltips for room categories.

* Fixed email input getting cleared after a failed login attempt.

* Fixed back button on the away window.

* Fixed missing spectator line in some situations.

* Fixed a missing tooltip for the current channel chat.

* Fixed wrong icon for the changelog.

* Fixed URL click handler in the chat.

* Fixed some issues with the auto-connect feature.

* Fixed the TeamSpeak tour showing up when it should not.

* Fixed chat-syncing being blocked when fetching usernames.

* Fixed freeze when duplicating bookmarks inside folders.

* Fixed jump-to-last-read being shown in pinned messages overview.

* Fixed auto-scrolling stopping when a large message is being deleted.

* Fixed invalid recovery keys being accepted.

* Fixed triggering a notification when creating a folder in file transfer or when the file browser is still open.

* Fixed not updating a bookmark's password when successfully connecting.

* Fixed crash when (un-)ignoring users.

* Fixed channel topic not being saved when instantly applying changes.

* Fixed file not being able to upload when a finished entry exists in the history.

* Fixed file-list not refreshing when an upload got retried.

* Fixed edits not being applied correctly in some cases.

* Fixed PTT being stuck when switching to another server and releasing the hotkey.

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A couple of things:

Thanks to @Flash1122 for pointing out the potential security concerns so I could reach out to the team for a fix.

Some known problems with this beta version (to my knowledge):

  • Idle kicks will result in a broken / self-closing tab w/o a reconnect button
  • For some users some folders and files appear on the desktop
    • The files in question are: DawnCache/, GPUCache/, MediaDeviceSalts, MediaDeviceSalts-journal, and debug.log
    • They can be safely deleted
    • Until a fix is published they will reappear
  • The displayed chromium version is still not correct and only shows the major version
  • When the sidebar has a scrollbar the active server indicator has an unintended offset
  • The German translation is mostly done but not all translations are final
  • The emoji picker shows the wrong category when opened
  • Some users can not see the appearance settings
    • Kudos to @LeonMarcelHD for finding the source and solution to this problem!
    • This is caused by a malformed settings file and there is a fix.
    • The file preferences.json contains the following section: "application.language":"en". If the value is neither en nor de the appearance settings will not load. Simply set the value to en and restart the client.
    • A detailed explanation can be seen here.

Update 5.0.0-beta75 is unfortunately a bit of a mess right now.
It causes the appearance menu to not load at all, regardless of whether any user themes were loaded or not.

And like Gamer92000 says.
It automatically generates 2 files and 2 folders onto the desktop.
That being the MediaDeviceSalts, MediaDeviceSalts-journal, DawnCache and GPUCache.

Didn’t see debug.log being generated onto my desktop though.
And if you delete them after exiting TeamSpeak, it will generate them again the next time you boot it up.

I hope this can be quickly fixed.
Otherwise, it would have been better to stay on Update 5.0.0-beta74 for me personally.


Can you provide more details on this? Several installations run fine and open the view correctly.

It may be a better from a usability standpoint, but due the potential threat from CVE-2023-4863, the release of the beta was carried out earlier than planned. Therefore I would not recommend downgrading regardless of the fact, that the Client automatically updates to the latest version every time it is restarted.
→ there are ways to bypass the updater, but I don’t think they are an option for everyone.

Am I the only one who doesn’t have anything in the (Appearance) section?

No longer do I see anything

@Karazhan you are not alone with the problem 3 of my friends have the same problem. i hope this will be fixed quickly

@DEtrees @Karazhan @MazAXaka @Optimus_Bull

I found the reason why the appearance settings were not opening. In your files you should see a preferences.json

On Windows it is here → %AppData%\TeamSpeak\Default
On Linux it is here → ~/.config/TeamSpeak/Default/
On macOS it is here → ~/Library/Preferences/TeamSpeak/Default/
(Default is your default Profile for TeamSpeak if nothing else is specified.

In this file you should specify the language of choice. Either German or English:

If it is empty or does not exist just add this or create the file and add this:

{"application.language":"en"} [ENGLISH] or {"application.language":"de"} [GERMAN]

If there is already something inside, you’ll need to format the content like this:

{"application.language":"en","application.mute_mic_on_lock":true} [ENGLISH] or {"application.language":"de","application.mute_mic_on_lock":true} [GERMAN]
→ this is just an example and may be different depending on your settings. Just make sure you’ll place the language part inside the curly braces with a comma spacing the other setting parts.


@LeonMarcelHD all my friends do not have such a file there. the only file we have in the folder is placement.json

Just create the file

@LeonMarcelHD it works thank you :heart:

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since 5.0.0-beta75 various files are created on the desktop at app start. I can’t delete them until i close the app. They will be recreated when i start the app again.

Here is a list:

  • DawnCache → data_0, data_1, data_2, data_3, index
  • GPUCache → data_0, data_1, data_2, data_3, index
  • MediaDeviceSalts
  • MediaDeviceSalts-journal

These are created because they updated the CEF Version of the TeamSpeak Client as there has been a potential threat from CVE-2023-4863, therefore the release of the beta was carried out earlier than planned and this has been overlooked, as not everyone has these files on their desktop.

That did fix the appearance menu not showing.

Now we just need a fix for the program constantly generating those 4 or 5 files on to the desktop that Gamer92000 and me mentioned earlier.

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we have to keep the files on the desktop?

You can delete them, but they will come back. So useless to remove them.

At the next update the files will no longer appear?

I hope/think so

Hi ho,

We can reproduce will fix in beta 76 (release should happen this week)…

…that files and folders get generated on Desktop.

Temp fix for that:

  1. Make a right click on the Client shortcut
  2. Choose open file location
  3. Make a right click on the binary TeamSpeak
  4. Choose to create a shortcut
  5. Use this Shortcut for now

In case your client is installed in program files, then you may need to move/copy the whole client till beta 76 is out to fix the issue

This will generate the files in folder in Client folder (which is also wrong but better than desktop) till we bring as fix in beta 76.

…that the Appearance dialog is empty

This happens when System Region is not English or German and language never was set manually.


Good morning,

When I try to go to the “Appearance” tab, nothing appears and I don’t know where the problem is coming from.

I completely uninstalled and reinstalled Teamspeak 5 several times, but the problem persists.

Does anyone have a solution?
Thank you in advance for your answers and your help.

Best regards.