I can no longer run my server, it automaticly shuts down in windows when I run the .exe
Why? Was I supposed to migrate to the most recent version?
If so how can I restore all the old settings of the server into the new version after installation is done?

What does the log say?

Please update your server to latest version and check log 0 in case this still happens.

Here you get a step by step how to


Hi Lukas, there was no log at all. I couldn’t even run the exe it shut down. But know things are working after following TS.ChrisR instructions :wink:

Thank you so much!!! I didn’t do the “check log 0”, just followed your steps and it is working. Still needs testing to see if everything is as it was before :wink:

PS: Also the " * Open the redist folder and copy/move the files to the root folder from the server in case you want to use MariaDB " - did not do it as I don’t even remember If I needed/used it before

Once again, thank you :wink: [[ ]]

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