Why doesn't Teamspeak MAC OS - Allow me to add a hotkey keybind?

OK, just so you know, this was a wonderful solution for me, with Mac OS 12.1 (Monterey).
I could not get the hot key to “take” until I turned on the “Input Monitoring.” But TS3 wasn’t showing up in that box to let me check it as allowed, and I wasn’t being asked if I would like to let keystrokes be accepted (received). Instead, I unlocked that screen and drug the icon of TS3client from the finder into that box where it was supposed to be showing up, and then I clicked the little box to allow it, and voila, it works!
Thank you, and for any Monterey users, I hope this helps you too!

(when I say “that screen,” I’m referring to the image from the mac Systems Preferences >> Security and Privacy >> Privacy >> Input Monitoring
that TS.ChrisR showed just a few posts above here. Thanks again Chris!)

(Oh, and also, this was the beta version of TS3, 3.5.7).

Hi, Im using TeamSpeak3 client Version 3.5.7. on my MacBook Pro M1 Pro. Im trying to set capture method as Push-To-Talk, but my mic is not working. But in Voice Activation Detection mic is working fine. Im using USB C AKG headset as my audio device. But neither both MacBook mic and headset mic not working in Push To Talk. Please someone give me a solution.

using client 3.5.7 for mac, teamspeak doesn’t create any hotkey. Here’s the corresponding picture:

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Hotkeys wont work when not allowed in your system preferences.

I guess it is this setting? There it is set allowed.

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Ok, can you send me a Client log? :slight_smile:

where can i find it?

Ah, I’ve got it…

Can you please try the following steps:

Think we’ve got it! It was disabled. Now it seems to work.

Many Thanks!

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Hello, I am using macOS and am running TS3. I once attempted to set up a hotkey for Push to Talk. I made sure that the TS3 client was selected in System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Accessibility (as the mac told me to do so in order for hotkeys to work). Then, I went to set up my hotkey. But, when I tried clicking the key I wanted for Push to Talk, it would not respond to my hotkey input. It would just keep saying “Press hotkey combination (Press ESC to cancel).” Anyone know whats going wrong here?

Can you please try the following steps:

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Hey, for me its also not working. I made 2 hotkeys on my Mac (2014, 15") for Mute and Speaker and they aren’t working. Someone that could help me please :smiley:

Someone that could help me pls xD

I’m on macOS Monterey,

When I try to create a new hotkey I literally can’t do anything but esc to leave the window.
There is no other key that works (neither on the keyboard nor the mouse or the touchpad).

I did enabled the accessibility to TS in my Mac’s settings as explain when I opened the hotkey menu.

I was wondering if there were any solution to this ?

Thanks in advance for you help.

Best regards,

Accessibility is wrong for your MacOS version.

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Amazing it works !

Thanks very much for you help.

And the fact that when I try to use my new hotkey they don’t work would be related to the same issue ?


You may haven’t set the right hotkey profile in your bookmark or Quick connect dialog.

But this is not topic of this thread. Several other forum threads can be found in forum already.

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