Why doesn't Teamspeak MAC OS - Allow me to add a hotkey keybind?

I’m on macOS Monterey,

When I try to create a new hotkey I literally can’t do anything but esc to leave the window.
There is no other key that works (neither on the keyboard nor the mouse or the touchpad).

I did enabled the accessibility to TS in my Mac’s settings as explain when I opened the hotkey menu.

I was wondering if there were any solution to this ?

Thanks in advance for you help.

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Accessibility is wrong for your MacOS version.

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Amazing it works !

Thanks very much for you help.

And the fact that when I try to use my new hotkey they don’t work would be related to the same issue ?


You may haven’t set the right hotkey profile in your bookmark or Quick connect dialog.

But this is not topic of this thread. Several other forum threads can be found in forum already.

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