Why doesn't Teamspeak MAC OS - Allow me to add a hotkey keybind?


I have the new macOS Catalina 10.15.5. I started up Teamspeak, and was in a lobby and once I hit it; it wasn’t working. I reinstalled it, and tried to reset the key bind, but nothing. It allows me to click on “No Hotkey Assigned” and once I do, it shows the popup to add the key bind. I click the keys I want but it doesn’t show up and work. Can anyone help please?


Same issue here. I tried removing Teamspeak 3 from Privacy -> Input Monitoring. When I restarted TS it asked for the permission, but when I granted it nothing changed.


I cannot even use the Teamspeak. This is really sad. The new Catalina update screwed it up.

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It doesn’t let me add the key at all. I get the popup to put in the key bind, but nothing.

Any workarounds? It worked for me last week but today it didn’t work again

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