Why doesn't Teamspeak MAC OS - Allow me to add a hotkey keybind?


I have the new macOS Catalina 10.15.5. I started up Teamspeak, and was in a lobby and once I hit it; it wasn’t working. I reinstalled it, and tried to reset the key bind, but nothing. It allows me to click on “No Hotkey Assigned” and once I do, it shows the popup to add the key bind. I click the keys I want but it doesn’t show up and work. Can anyone help please?


Same issue here. I tried removing Teamspeak 3 from Privacy -> Input Monitoring. When I restarted TS it asked for the permission, but when I granted it nothing changed.


I cannot even use the Teamspeak. This is really sad. The new Catalina update screwed it up.

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It doesn’t let me add the key at all. I get the popup to put in the key bind, but nothing.

Any workarounds? It worked for me last week but today it didn’t work again

Is there any solution for the problem?

Try removing and adding it again, its working fine for me

You have to allow team speak to be able monitor your keyboard.

so im using a mac, and i cant setup a hotkey, it stays on the page to assign a hotkey but doesnt capture any keys, any ideas?

Hotkeys wont work when not allowed in your system preferences.


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Assigning a keybinding on MacOS using the beta client I get a crash, can replicate it every time now.

Can post dump if you’d like? Just let me know where you’d prefer it.

Edit: Just noticed this is under the Teamspeak 3 Client, apologize. Forums are very confusing to navigate in my opinion, also I don’t see a Teamspeak 5 client section? Point me in the right direction if I am as blind as a bat.

I have a computer that is running OS High Sierra and the PTT is not working at all.
We have tried reinstalling multiple times and still nothing. Voice Activity Detection is off as well. We have the capture settings to default. Any help would be appreciated.

Please read Post 10. :slight_smile:

That does nothing for me. It still does not work.

I have the same problem, on the second MacBook already. I would like to know what to do. I have all permissions on server, established hot key, but PPT is not working at all, voice detection is off too. All settings are correct (TS added to accessibility. I can say only that it was working still 6 months ago without any problem, now nothing helps (re-install etc). I would add maybe, that discord works without any problem with PTT (the same settings)

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