Why would most people use TeamSpeak 5 over Discord?

Honestly, I’m starting to lose the fire as well for Teamspeak. Been crusading for it during the Discord boom, and still do against Discord. But now Guilded came out, revamped itself, and it seems it took all of Discord’s app appeal + the Teamspeak voice structure. This includes a main voice channel + multiple sub-voice channels in 1 voice server (vs Multiple voice channels), whisper keys and Broadcast hot keys (you can speak to everyone in a Main voice server and their sub voice channels).

Besides Teamspeak’s more in-depth permission system allowing for greater roles than what the others provide, I am not sure what else Teamspeak can offer that isn’t already covered by Discord or Guilded. The future seems to be a competition between Discord and Guilded type of apps, with Teamspeak/Ventrilo/Mumble in the past, from a bygone era.

I agree with the sentiment that Teamspeak, at it’s current pace, will be “released” a bit way too late, when all their ‘unique’ features would already be implemented by other apps. Where the only difference is finer details (e.g privacy vs being the product, self-hosting vs not) - not sure if that’s enough to convert people over.

I wanted to chime in to share the same sentiment. I always believe that in this market, there should always be a competitor where the rivalry just inspires further innovation and quality in its product. There’s just no alternative to Discord at the moment and I’m always checking back from time to time to see what’s up with Teamspeak. Like many of us, I was one of those kids who switched often between Ventrilo, Teamspeak and Mumble. As soon as Discord came to existence, I immediately jumped the train and knew this was going to be big, mainly just from its feature rich chatroom.

I am saddened that there’s nothing yet but I continue to have some sort of hope that Teamspeak will make some sort of dent in the VOIP industry. Otherwise, Discord will just enjoy being a monopoly. And now even further with the Microsoft acquisition if that goes through.

I just don’t really understand the direction of the new TeamSpeak client, the (seemingly, maybe I just don’t know) extraordinarily slow pace of development, and the lack of interest in even trying to attract new gaming communities/customers. Maybe I just can’t see those outreach efforts, but to me it seems like TeamSpeak is just going through the motions without a pilot to the ship.

I love the abilities offered by TeamSpeak, I think it has something meaningful to offer, but there isn’t much communication on long term direction (which isn’t the end of the world but when coupled with everything else can exacerbate other issues), little to attract new parties, and there isn’t enough here for me to interest casual gamers.

There are so many ideas that just make sense that would allow TeamSpeak to drastically reduce the barriers to entry for new users, make server management far, far easier, many plugins which implement basic features which could/should just be incorporated into TS itself, etc. I have to ask, where is the vision? Why does it seem like third parties are the only people trying to seriously innovate on the platform? If the argument is TeamSpeak is spending all its resources on the new client, then what is there to show for that? The new client doesn’t seem to be anywhere close to completion or even truly being a beta, its release felt like an Alpha with core TS features missing.

I am not angry or frustrated, I just see a lot of potential and I want the team to take advantage of it and bring TeamSpeak into line with what people expect of such a platform. I love developing for the platform, even though the documentation isn’t always so great, it allows for a lot. I want TS to succeed as a platform so I can keep up with that.


My friend, there are not as many teamspeak developers as discord, and they need more time to fix bugs and add new features. TeamSpeak has a responsive and understanding community that helps in finding and fixing bugs, adding new features and plugins. Many companies and gamers use teamspeak because they are confident in its reliability and quality, and if you add a screen display and a webcam, you can forget about the discord. Discord is not a competitor because it is huge, unstable and with a lot of unnecessary junk, things are only getting worse with each update (for example, new acid colors or extra animation in the profile). I am glad that even at the beta test stage, teamspeak 5 works more stable and more productive than discord. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Lol at this guy, I can deny it fully. We were using Teamspeak since 2003, left Teamspeak to join Discord in Aug 2020, I can assure you the audio, streaming, the base of people are far better than Teamspeak. We left because TS cannot offer what Discord does and by the time they ever do Discord will already be ahead of them. We went from 300+ members and in 1 year went to 4500+ members, on TS we were dropping an avg of 15 players in voice channel each year, the devs might lack in numbers but they constantly hide and remained quiet over the years since the announced TS5 in what 2017 or so? We wasted so much time waiting, all their “hype” images, and it lead to them doing a visual upgrade with nothing of any real impact… I’m sorry if they want communities to return, Discord will have to do something really huge to upset gamers and TS has to offer something huge that Discord is not, ATM Discord is king and TS has become a mom and pop store to all the older users who continue to use it, which works for them thats great but new people or people like us who want to grow, TS is NOT the VOIP to do it on, I hope someone big like Steam or something buys them out…

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Do you really know? Of course not!

Remarkable increase, but how does that have anything to do with TeamSpeak? Just because you have 4,000 newcomers using Discord doesn’t mean there aren’t newcomers on TeamSpeak.

Well, first of all, the first announcement of the new TeamSpeak client was for the last quarter of 2018. The TeamSpeak developers are actually not many people, however, they did not hide. Sure, the priority is on the new client, however, TeamSpeak 3 as well as TeamSpeak Server updates continued to be released, which is quite remarkable for such an insanely small development team.

The client was not ready as announced in time, but the way it is currently developing, I am personally convinced that it will become a much better alternative to Discord for many people.

Well in that case I can’t agree with you at all. More and more communities are emerging and growing on TeamSpeak. Of course, it’s also important to understand how to build and manage a community. :wink:

Why would another corporation, such as Steam, buy out TeamSpeak? So that it becomes a client that is suddenly no longer completely free, but you have to pay for certain extras…?

I hope that in the future this comparison between Discord and TeamSpeak will stop, because from my point of view they are two completely different programs with different features, even if both are used for communication. Also, I hope people will stop serving up their personal opinions as facts.

Last but not least, I don’t want to attack former TeamSpeak users and their opinions, because it should be up to everyone what he uses. However, this had to be said now.

  • I don’t need to know why, I just can literally see the features TS puts out and it’s nothing good, they have become worse than Star Citizen. Tell me a new TS5 feature that would make gaming communities return… exactly.

  • It has everything to do with TeamSpeak, I’ve been recruiting for our community since 2008, you think i can’t tell where the drop off begins? It shows that as far as gamers go the majority are on Discord, moving there has made life much easier bringing in players and our stats show.

  • Seriously stop defending them about their small team, that’s not an excuse many small teams have done great things, especially in the gaming sense (See Escape From Tarkov for example), they did great making it from the start and failed to innovate as time went on because they were kings they thought they couldn’t be pushed aside. 2018? “ Active development for TS5 began in late 2017.” We knew this, and that’s on their own Twitter, it’s been worked on for many years and their current progress is terrible… I seriously come back here every few months and load up my TS5 and update only to see nothing of worth. Makes me feel better everytime knowing our switch was worth it, should have done it sooner but we waited to see what TS5 would offer, bad mistake…

  • I too was convinced and after waiting so long, they remained silent (as if they had something very big up their sleeve that they didn’t want discord to know about) and then nothing, in fact they have TS3 features missing and slowly adding them back even today, it’s almost comical seeing people excited for things like whisper or channel commander added back.

  • Teamspeak is More and more growing? LOL! Please where did you get this from? More and more are leaving! I know this because in Gametracker.com we were in the top 5 USA TeamSpeaks Top 100 world wide, we realized it was because so many were disappearing that we kept gaining rank. When one TS dies off, fans who do not wish to leave TS simply join one that’s still alive, I can assure you TS is declining as far as gaming communities go, they mainly gain users who are scared and want privacy etc

  • You can say all you want not to compare discord and TeamSpeak but it will always be compared, Ts was widely used by gamers hell it was even in an episode of South Park, now that times have changed and TS did not oh gamers shouldn’t compare anymore? I guess changing their TS gaming style logo back to their original style says we give up trying to be gaming as a high target audience.

I’m sorry you don’t want to come off as an attacker but you make yourself look like a fanboy. Even saying I prefer discord leaves a bad taste in my mouth having used Teamspeak for 15 years, we really wanted it to succeed being sponsored. it would be great to see someone buy it up, we paid to run a TS, music bots, etc, we do the same with Discord boosted it to Level 3 and using bots, so yeah if a big company came around and let it remain free but charged for other features and things that would benefit users and communities we’d take interest but atm it’s currently like this as far as gaming communities go:


As times go on, more will enter the market and Teamspeak will be nothing more than a Roger Wilco, ahh them days of Gamespy, the memberberries are real.


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better voice quality

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Interesting. I mean, from what I can tell you simply want to be a Beta tester? If so go to https://beta.teamspeak.com and sign up. I will say my beta testing membership took about 6 months to get granted, but patience is key. Good luck friendo! :slight_smile:

I have been using TeamSpeak since 2008. I was also a tester for Discord back in the summer of 2015 and I have had a server there since its inception.

However, I have always been using TeamSpeak as my main VOIP application. Moreover, since Jan 2020 we moved to Discord because our user base was dwindling and it was hard enough getting users on TeamSpeak, and the mobile app costed money, so there was hesitancy from users to easily adopt it as their number one choice when you have Discord out there.

I love the security features TeamSpeak is implementing, did you know TeamSpeak is using the Matrix protocol! That’s great stuff! But in the last 3 years that “TeamSpeak 5” has been announced (summer 2018) that is the only good thing about it right now.

Development has been slow, and stop repeating “small team” that literally means nothing, small teams can do wonderful things in a timely manner.

As I’ve mentioned many times before. It’s a beta, features should be added in tandem with fixes. Since this is beta, fixing every single issue shouldn’t be top priority. Not to mention this is a closed beta, so features should be implemented before an open beta, where fixes take place before launch. New features are not being implemented and we are only testing old features from TeamSpeak 3!

TeamSpeak has been enjoying their server licensing revenue and it has got them tunnel vision, they are not able to envision the long term here.


Discord gives horrible performance while gaming. I’m not the only one experiencing this but I agree that TS is years beahind in terms of UIX and other stuff that can make it relevant towards new generations. Team Speak is for peopl that values quality over quantity and Discord is made for millenials and social interaction which has been used for several developers, game companies and more.

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I use TeamSpeak over Discord due to quality - especially for recording.

I’m a podcaster, and using the built in recording facility to create high quality, uncompressed, multitrack recordings of discussions, is just amazing.

I used to prefer TeamSpeak but discord is starting to look more inviting, the only reason I have not left TS is I have friends on TS

I downloaded the beta version of TS and it looks very very nice but I don’t have beta access so I can’t try it and comment, that’s a shame. From what I can see of it I have high hopes it will be just what I need. I have applied for a bets key but does not look like I will get one from what I can find out, so that’s sad :frowning:

Still, maybe Santa will bring me one :slight_smile:

Have a good Xmas everyone :))

Never though of using TS for that, thank you for the heads up. :slight_smile:

I have no idea what patience is, does it come in a tin? Can I buy some :slight_smile: :grinning:

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people don’t care about privacy and amazing voice codecs and actually good products anymore they go with what’s hype and whatever is the most popular option at the time discord will die out eventually and something will take its place circle of life now I guess… maybe one day people will actually care about the quality of there products again one day.

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I have been using Team Speak since TS2. I have never found the voice quality that TS offers, but the times have changed and TS is not keeping up with the times. Discord has a very powerful social component that made the new generations jump into it right away. You can see why with a simple question: do Microsoft, Hunt Show Down, Minecraft Dungeons or any other coop game or company has “Offical TS server, ey gamer come to our official TS server”??? No. But Discord is filled with “official servers” where the management is pretty neat, so admins just program all the rules and people just have to read each channel rules, etc.

That being said, I still think TS is better at doing the service it was programmed to do: voice chat and Discord gives so much trouble in terms of performance inside games. Eventhough Discord is free and TS is not, that, wether you like or not is a powerful pull of the gamer market: the Freemium business model combined with this known features made Discord a very powerful competitor for TS, which I’m sure is seen as a “boomer app” by new generations, or maybe for “pro players”:

-the social geek chat with neat emoticons
-video calls (social gathering, like having a Zoom call but with no cost)
-streaming your screen (you can’t imagine how many young people use that not only for sharing a game experience whenever a friend doesn’t have a specific game, but also for presenting anything school related as if it was Zoom or Meet)

All of those fancy things make Discord consume alot of your resources and there is where TS stands out and ends being the choise of any gamer that values performance over fancy UI, but whenever you play games with low resources and high coop elements (Among Us, Minecraft Dungeons, whatever low graphic coop game with not a competitive element in it) Discord becomes a good choice for almost everyone that is not a TS lover like us.

Personally I would love to see TS evolve to become the first choice for any gamer in the world, but they seem not to have a proper business model and investment to keep the pace with the times. Let’s hope this changes in the near future.


Yeah kinda. What I can’t get my head around is the pricing. You need to pay 5$/m just to choose you name. Also Hosting a server at DC ist way more expensive as you need the highest tier to get somewhat acceptable audio quality. The notifications are extremely annoying as you get notified for every little ■■■■. I just don’t get the appeal and think it’s a shame Teamspeak doesn’t really seem to fight back for market domination. Having a feature to share your screen is the only reason I sometimes use DC (if not forced upon me by a community).

Hello, 3 years after the start of this very interesting discussion, we are still at the same point.

The development of TS5 has still not really moved, the release date is still far away and not defined.

This forum is not very active, on social networks TS spends its time posting useless nonsense to fill the void, the TS team does not respond to any criticism even if they are constructive: they remain convinced that they are in the true and that they are still leaders while every day thousands of people abandon TS… In fact it smells of the end of the reign, the debacle and the moribund smell of a death which approaches every day a little more. But I hope I’m wrong…

I’ve been using Teamspeak for a while now, and find it has a lot of advantages over Mumble which I was used to and never found terrible.

Teamspeak is excellent software, I think it’s great that you can easily set up your own personal server locally on your PC, but I find Teamspeak’s policy too restrictive.

Let me explain: 32 users for a free server is really too little. 50 would already be more correct, 100 even better.

The price for gamer licenses, $55 per year for 64 users, sorry but I find it overpriced, especially if you host your own server. At this price if we had 200-500 users it would be correct, especially when opposite we have server rentals with 1000 users for $2 per month.

I understand that Teamspeak is a company that needs to make money, and I’m not refusing to pay, but this is overpriced. Already you have to pay for the app on mobile… We have the impression that the company got stuck 15 years ago and thinks that it is still the leader, whereas today many are deserting ( wrongly) Teamspeak to go on discord (which I hate), and indeed even if I think it’s a fad, when a community of a hundred, 200 people needs an app to chat with each other , it’s more towards Teamspeak than they should turn to because the prices are exorbitant. And they turn to other solutions. And in my humble opinion, building TS5 to Discord-like won’t change anything and won’t bring anyone back. Only absolute fans will remain, and businesses, but will that be enough to keep the business going?

Of course Teamspeak offered the non-profit licenses not so long ago, and of course there have been abuses. But aren’t these famous abuses an excuse for having removed these licenses in order to make easy profit by making everyone pay by offering a free service which is only there to say that it exists but which in the end is not suitable not many people?

Be careful, Teamspeak is no longer “all alone” (so to speak) and no longer a leader in its market, the competition (even if I personally don’t like this competition) is there and is eating up market share. it’s time for Teamspeak to get their act together and come up with a better deal.

Here is my opinion, which is worth what it is worth, but which takes an outside look since I am new.



with discord now recording video, voice calls, and screen shares, teamspeak is now where my friend group is taking refuge

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