Account issues after or during maintenance (Jan 16 - 19 2024)

During the maintenance one service was forgotten to be turned off (for a day) and so it was possible that anyone could do following to their account and this could break encryption (sync etc.) or login data.

  • Register
  • Login
  • Sync
  • Password change or reset
  • Email change

This is our fault and we will try to recover your account / set everything to state before maintenance .
There is no exact plan yet but there are backups of the account state before the maintenance started.

But we need your help to ensure we do the right step on your account

  1. Only reply here when you used the client or changed account data / recovery key during 2024-01-16T10:00:00Z2024-01-19T20:00:00Z
    Any changes made afterwards do not belong into this thread and will be removed!
  2. Please answer the point(s) that match your issue(s). You can ignore the rest.
  3. Have your login data ready (the one you had before the maintenance).
  4. This is the most important step!
    Have your Recovery Ready! It must be the one before the maintenance or else we can not fix your synced items, because you won’t be able to recover then.
  5. Reverting Email and Password to the one before the maintenance helps us and you!
    It can avoid that you get asked to enter a Recovery Key later in case you do not have a Recovery key.
  6. You deleted or did not saved the Recovery (as told from client) and do not remember your login data from before the maintenance?
    In that case we can not restore your synced data!!! We can reset your account, but that’s it. Your synced data stay lost and you need to do a Fallback, when getting asked for a Recovery key in client.

What is or are your issue(s)?

  • What's your myTeamSpeak username (it’s the one you got here on forum)
    or email if you don’t know your username? Feel free to send email in a private message.

  • You can't login and get "login wrong message" in client or in forum?
    If that’s the case feel free to answer with a secondary account in case you can not login into forum.
    You can use services like for registration.

  • Have you registered your account during maintenance?
    2024-01-17T16:00:00Z2024-01-18T10:00:00Z ?

  • Have you tried to change any of the following during the maintenance?
    Password, Email or create a new Recovery Key.

  • Your client asks you to enter the Recovery Key and the one you have saved does not work anymore?
    In TS3 you get this notification in your operation system grafik
    And following Exclamation mark appears on right corner bottom of the client
    TS5 will give you a big Dialog on client start.

  • Your sync items are just lost and client does not ask you to enter a Recovery Key (see above)?

  • You can not change your password?

  • You can not change your email or password on the website?
    Please press F12 before doing a change on the website
    and check the console for errors like “gcm tag doesn't match

Hope above covers all cases. Else I will add them later.


Good to see the syncing issue is related to the maintenance mode going on. I just wanted to ask a question in regards to the sync issue.

Is this happening to only TS3 or for both TS3 and TS5? Currently on TS3 the syncing fails, my identity, permissions, bookmarks, key binds, and hotkeys are all gone/removed. However, I tried on TS5 and my identity is still there with everything previously.

During this time I did logout and back in on TS3. I hope that doesn’t reset my stuff to not be recovered. I have a recovery key saved. I am not sure if there is a stored local copy some where that will overwrite anything lost.

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My myteamspeak account has disappeared.

The client asks me to log back in. I entered my account password and it prompted that my account password was incorrect.
I tried to log back in on the webpage but it still prompts for an incorrect account password. I then tried to reset my password and it prompted me "Process queries could not be completed. ".

When I re-registered, it prompted me that my username was already taken, here is my account information, can you help me locate the problem?

The problem is not with this account that I am using to report the problem.
Where should I send the account with the problem?

Thank you for the updated Post.

I can’t log in into my Main Account because it says, that my Password
is wrong, but I typed the correct password every time. This is a Test
Account from me and I worked for me. I hope my account isn’t broken. And unfortunately I can’t even reset my password because I can’t log in anywhere anymore, neither on myTeamSpeak nor in the TeamSpeak Client itself.

I hope that on Monday that my Account can be recovered. :frowning:

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I’ve been logged out from account in TS yesterday and couldn’t log in to get my bookmarks etc(password was inccorect but i know it was correct) so the first thing i did i changed my password by recovery and data was not syncing. Today i’ve been asked for a recovery key which i can’t recover cause i’ve been logged out from my account fully. I still can login with new password etc but data with badges, bookmarks and what i needed more is my ID not syncing.

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im starting TS and i got a message that say “Decryption of data not possible use the Recovery Key”.
The old one i think is gone. And yes i changed Password.

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It looks like it is no longer possible to change the email address. After following the link received on the new email address, clicking “Submit” will cause the page to freeze for a few seconds and after that it will get stuck on “Processing”.

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I have the same problem I have not changed my password was logged out of my main account everywhere today I tried to log in via the homepage then this message comes up: Invalid email address or password

Password reset does not work either

Hello, I tried to log in to my account today but I still couldn’t.
While trying to log in to my Myteamspeak account, I received the error “Your password or Gmail is incorrect” and I thought I typed the wrong password and tried to reset my password by clicking “I forgot my password” but I received an error saying “Transaction queries could not be completed”. I would be very happy if you could help me, myteamspeak team.

Yes, I have the same problem. I still haven’t found an answer. It seems like there’s nothing we can do but trust the Teamspeak 3 team.

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Hi there, I’ve tried sending a support request in about the topic on the 17th and a reply on the 18th directed me to get support here instead. So here I am on a new teamspeak account to get any support I can.

On the 17th I opened my ts5 client as I normally do and it was a login screen. Confused I tried my credentials figuring it was just a random thing. My password was said to be incorrect so I went to the myteamspeak site to try logging in on that site, same issue there. After quadruple checking my password, and even attempting to open my ts5 on my laptop; which yielded the same logged out screen, I chose to reset my password. When submitting my email for a password change it gives me the error “Process queries could not be completed.”

I use teamspeak daily, for work and personal. I figured maybe waiting for a few more days might fix the issue, as I know maintenance was performed near the date my account stopped working on. It didn’t resolve it though.

Teamspeak Username: Brian
Ticket: #79453

If any proof is needed, please reach out via email on the “Brian” account. I have purchased merch years ago and still have the emails for the codes I redeemed on the account. Just for clarification as well; my account can not login anywhere.

So we just have to suffer if we didn’t have a recovery key saved? I signed up in 2016. I’ve lost data since then :frowning:

I’ve bought merch multiple times and have those emails & badge codes, does that mean nothing?

edit: I’m blind…

Option 2 is to remember your login data from before the maintenance.

Encryption without letting us know the content of your synced items works this way.

You are the only owner of that data, so it was REALLY REALLY important to save the Recovery Key.

This is why the client told you to store the key somewhere.

Option 2 is to remember your login data from before the maintenance (see point 5 in main post).


When logging in with the correct password it shows me that the password is incorrect even though it is a valid password

and when I try to log in to the website, the same thing happens, and when I try to reset my password, I get the error message “Process queries could not be completed.


I have the exact same problem. :frowning:
I cant login over the Client or here in the Forum
and cant reset my password. :frowning:

I have the Recovery Key. :slight_smile:

What could i do now?

When logging in with the correcr username/password, it shows, that the name/password is incorrect. This happens when trying with the client and website and when I try to reset my password, I get the error message “Process queries could not be completed.


I wrote down all mentioned issues and what you did with the account.

I / we will reply is we need more or did something.



during the last maintenance on friday I got logged out of my account and couldnt log back in since then. I only tried to login during the maintenance, so no password resets or other stuff. I have my recovery key. What are the next steps? Error Message says that my password is incorrect.

kind regards


these are my issues:

  • i can’t login and get the error message “Invalid email address or password” (tried on
  • in ts3 i get the notification that the client is unable to decrypt the data

I have my old login data from before the maintenance started but not the recovery code. I hope i can get my account back working.