How do I get a new recovery key? // My Badges are not shown in client

Then please carefully read my initial answer. It tells where to do it in TS3 and TS5.

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Hello. Thanks for the reply. DOT format would be good to explain the steps. What is ‘fallback’? How do I activate it when there is no selection in the menu for ‘fallback’?

I do not have any favourites as this is a new installation.

I have uninstalled Ts3 a number of times and then reinstalled it and - at no time - was any recovery key displayed. I have also run the client without uninstalling Ts3 and the result is the same.

Furthermore, Ts3 will not let me change my password. I have entered and deleted and re-entered my password and new passwords many times. This change password program does not have the ability to let me look at what I have typed in. It is harder to change the password than my local bank account password.
This is a screen shot of my issue. No server - disconnected

Please read my last post about reading my initial post.

All points are in there.
It’s only one thing to do.

Why this happened is a password reset on encrypted data where are the only one who can rescue that data. This ensures that even we have no access or backdoor to your data.

A fallback deletes all synced data from our server and allows the client to start with new data and new encryption. It also tries to re upload local data in case you got some left.

There must have been a dialog telling you about the recovery key and that it is important to store these.
Also the website told you, when resetting the account password, you ensure that you got a recovery key or risk to lose data.

So please read my initial answer and use a recovery key or trigger the fallback.

There is nothing else you can do till you did one of these.


You have every thing I have seen… I am not trying to recover any data!!
I am trying to get a new connection!!
Again…I have just tried this insidious progam and again it will not let me change my password
it will not give me a new recovery key “Also the website told you, when resetting the account password, you ensure that you got a recovery key or risk to lose data.”

it does not give me a recovery key when I reinstall

And, there is still no explanation as to what fallback is, or how to perform it…there is nothing in the menu call fallback. Can you please also explain how to undertake a fallback.

This has never occurred “There must have been a dialog telling you about the recovery key and that it is important to store these”

Let me tell you a story about cryptography!

I work for a bank providing safety deposit boxes. If you now come asking me for a deposit box I will build you a box with a combination lock. You tell me the combination you want the box to have and I construct it specifically for you. As a safety guard, I also built in a physical key you can use should you ever forget the combination to the box. If the box is open you can change both the combination and the key lock. As a trustworthy businessman, I keep neither the combination nor a spare key.

Now let’s say you come to me and tell me you can no longer open the box with your combination. I am so generous to simply build you an all-new box with a new combination of your choosing. But because you still have your old deposit box with me I need you to tell me whether you want me to dispose of it or whether you can still open it with the physical key. If you have the key I will gladly transfer all your important items from the old box to the new one. Otherwise, I will dispose of the old one. But before you tell me what to do I can not let you use either as this would lead to me holding on to hundreds of old and unused deposit boxes.
So if while I am waiting for your decision, you ask me for a new physical key to the old box I can not help you. I can not open your box and you can’t either. Thus the lock can not be switched.

So in this story, the deposit box is part of your myTS account. The combination is your password and the physical key is the recovery key.
Rebuilding the deposit box is what happens when you change your password.
Me demolishing the deposit box is what the fallback would do.


There is simply no cryptographic way to generate a new recovery key in your state. If you do not have the generated last before the password reset you need to perform a fallback.

To perform a fallback you can simply click on the :warning: icon at the bottom right of the TeamSpeak 3 client. In the popup, you can then choose to perform a fallback. In TeamSpeak 5 you are prompted automatically and need to select Recover without key.


““To perform a fallback you can simply click on the :warning: icon at the bottom right of the TeamSpeak 3 client. In the popup, you can then choose to perform a fallback””" This would have been helpful right at the start.

Now, I assume Ts5 is compatible with Ts3, just an updated version, so I uninstalled Ts3 and installed Ts5. All I get now is a log in screen that will not produce anything. I enter my email and password and all I get is the blue circular search indicator which turns and turns and turns and produces nothing. Why??? My access works when logging into this forum and to my account on the web site,all of which use the same password. Given your long winded explanation, I have been writing small programs for years, yet Ts has become complicated to the Nth degree. As you can see I cannot log into Ts5, I have stated I have never seen any screen produce the recovery code - as you expect I should have, so I gather you just don’t believe me. Mate, this Ts is frustrating. Untill I built this new computer a month ago, there was never an issue with Ts3 on my previous windows 10 computer - I was never asked for a recovery key - it just never came up. So believe me when I tell you - simplicity is best, especially explaining to people. If you were a teacher, like me, you would know when you do a presentation it is easiest and clearest to do a power point with DOT format. You, the lecturer will know your subject, but at all times you assume your students (persons you are trying to help) are not ofay with the subject.

You were told this twice by @TS.ChrisR and twice by @LeonMarcelHD before. As a teacher, I expected some reading comprehension.

You might not remember but when you first created the account you were given the recovery key along with a prompt to save it. After that, you can manually create a new recovery key - as long as you know the password AND have not performed a password reset.

You are only ever asked for a recovery key after performing a password reset.

That is exactly why I told you my little story. However, I expect students to show some willingness to learn.

There might be a bug in the latest client. @TS.ChrisR, could it be accounts awaiting fallback/recovery cannot log in?

Nonetheless, another try at explaining things

Cryptographic theory

Unfortunately, the forum does not support LaTeX, so I had to paste it as an image.

As neither I nor Google seem to know what you meant by that, I assumed you were talking about the graph description language and created a flowchart.

The DOT graph you so longed for (I assume)

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No. This works.




so I am using Ts5 and I for what ever reason had to login again to use it.
Now that I am logged in again is my identity gone.
With all my favorites and also my perms on every server I used.

How can I get it back?


It seems like you’ve made a password reset and you continued without your recovery key.

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So is there any way to get it back?

Depends on if you have other devices that have not been connected to the internet since you continued without the recovery key.

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My identities on servers is deleted and my bookmark, but my badges are still there, i didnt delete identity. Can u please give me back my identity that i has on this account, please.

is there anyway of identity save on my phone, because i got new pc, but my phone is still same one that that identity was on.

That’s not a bug. You ignored the text that was given to you :confused:

Please read the first reply of this thread. It also explains how you can recover anything for the case you got with the phone at the moment.

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i press on new recovery key, and nothing happens.nice

It’s explained that you won’t get a new recovery key in that state and what you need to do now.

I linked the wrong post. I fixed it.
Please read the link I posted or the first answer of this thread.


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i’m trying to get a new recovery key for my team speak so i can get my team speak fully setup but every time i press get new recovery key and put in my password nothing happens

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i have problems to login in the ts5 and problems with de bandages in ts3 and ts5

edit: problem with login in ts5 solved but bandages still have problems