MIC PROBLEM - Need help!

Hey guys of the Teamspeak Forum,

i have a small Problem with my Teamspeak. The Problem is Teamspeak is lowering my Mic automaticly and gets louder when i am starting to speak. It stars very low and when i am still speaking it adjust itself and it gets louder.

I am using a Yamaha MG10XUF Mixer and a Shure SM7B Mic.
I also already asked my Stream, but they couldn’t help me at all. Maybe you guys know it better :slight_smile: because on other Communication Platform does it work pretty well but not on Teamspeak. Does someone has any clue?

Thanks in advance!


Hey. You should see the announcements of versions 3.5.0, 3.5.1 and 3.5.2. Many people complain about the same problems. So far, developers have denied the problem, let’s see what happens next.