TeamSpeak 5.0.0-beta72 🎄

:santa: Beta 72 is here to replace it’s older faulty version.

The main changes are

  • a crash fix people had very often.
  • Linux user not being able to select an avatar or upload files (this may not work on all these different Linux desktop variants)

Here is the full change log

* Fixed a crash that some people randomly experienced when using their system
* Fixed Linux client not offering file dialogs
* Fixed Manage Server section being shown while editing the server
* Fixed room name not being shown when receiving an invite
* Fixed an issue that could result in a contact being on your contact list twice
* Added a warning to the QR Code that it is NOT to be shared


  • There is no beta 72 for MacOS Users. We hope to bring beta 73 back to MacOS.
    We moved our whole build systems and had not planned to release a new version this year. Some parts in our new system can not be build yet.
  • The QR code & mobile app can currently only be used by alpha users.
  • Client GUI is blank? The client checks for modified files and when found file for UI is denied to be used. Please reinstall your client.
  • Homebase / Chat setup will not work with new myTS accounts. Here you must install Beta 70 and finish the setup there. then you can update back to Beta 72

Notes for this thread

  • Feedback as per always is welcome in this thread :slight_smile:. Issues that are not related to this update belong to it’s own thread.
  • We suggest to place your wishes for upcoming releases in existing or new threads in the suggestion area instead of the release thread. We mention this because each update post will be closed after some days and the wish or suggestion could be lost.
  • We allow ourselves to delete all the off-topic posts from this thread.
  • Thanks @ImScheinox for testing and pointing to the crash

:blue_heart: long needed Crashfix!



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Thank you for the Linux fix. I was worried it was too deep into development to fix it.

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Thank you so much! :+1: Hopefully no random crashes anymore!

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Hey @TS.ChrisR

Please let me know if infinite client grow I reported on beta71 is not considered a bug? Just wondering because I don’t see it in a list of known issues.

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That’s definitely an issue but i can’t say where this is coming from or when it will be fixed.

At the moment we see this as an Edge case.
The know section is for the most critical things most user will stumble over in this release. That’s why it isn’t listed there.


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I am genuinely impressed!
The file picker works on all DEs I tested.

Distro DE Working
Windows DWM :white_check_mark:
Arch Gnome :white_check_mark:
Ubuntu Cinnamon :white_check_mark:
Xubuntu Xfce :white_check_mark:
Lubuntu LXQt :white_check_mark:
Kubuntu KDE :white_check_mark:
Manjaro sway :white_check_mark:
Regolith i3 :white_check_mark:

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Same with “homebase can’t be set”


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