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In the next few days we’ll unveil the roadmap feature that will outline our proposed development schedule for the coming months with regards to everything we’re working on. As well as giving you all a simple way to offer feedback on all things TeamSpeak.

Please take 5 minutes to run through our forum tutorial, and familiarize yourself with our FAQ/Etiquette Guide: https://community.teamspeak.com/faq

As far as the old forum is concerned: https://forum.teamspeak.com/ it will be locked on 29/1/2020 but will remain visible should you need to reference it.

One other thing, the forum’s primary language is English. We have users that speak German, Spanish, Portuguese and many other languages from all over the world, we cannot unfortunately cater to them all. So please post your questions and comments in English and use Google Translate if you cannot.

Everything else should be self explanatory, however if you’re unsure of anything just ask.

Now, play nice.

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Write a number until a team member comes :O
Write a number until a team member comes :O
Write a number until a team member comes :O
Write a number until a team member comes :O
Write a number until a team member comes :O
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